Cryotherapy for sports

No pain, no gain. Every athlete, whether professional or recreational, experiences delayed onset muscle soreness, also called DOMS.

cryotherapy for sports

It occurs after an intense workout as a result of microtears in muscles. Previously, DOMS was attributed to a buildup of lactic acid, but this common misconception was refuted. Professional athletes and seasoned weekend warriors alike have found that whole-body cryotherapy is excellent for reducing DOMS symptoms and helps to return to efficient training much faster. When every day counts in a tough competition schedule, you can't skip a workout or reduce the load because of sore muscles. That is why whole-body cryotherapy has become indispensable in training and recovery protocols for athletes.

What makes a good athlete?

The top five things would most probably include self-discipline, confidence, motivation, endurance, and hard work. All these won’t be achievable without proper recovery. Why is it essential? Because it helps to work out harder, prevent injuries, fight inflammations, muscle soreness, and fatigue.
No wonder many athletes use extreme cold to replenish the depleted reserves of the body and soothe the muscles. A range of scientific research supports their choice. Numerous studies show that even a single session of whole-body cryotherapy right after a workout may suppress inflammation and thus improve muscle recovery. Multiple treatments ensure a more consistent effect as after a series of 10 sessions the level of inflammatory markers halves.
Inflammation is usually perceived negatively, but it is an important physical response meant to restore the damaged tissues. Cryotherapy by no means affects the reparative function of inflammation. It only relieves the intensity of both acute and chronic inflammation and acts as a pain-killer.
Cold therapy ensures long-lasting stamina and increased flexibility before an intense training session or competition and counters swelling, cramping, or muscle stiffness after an event. It can cope with overtraining symptoms, including muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, and mood swings. Moreover, downtime after injury may be shorter and recovery more rapid if backed by cryotherapy.
With cold treatments, you can take your performance to the next level. Make sure to share this information with your friends to help them achieve their best results.