The Space Cabin™ horse cryosauna

Overall dimensions

  • Width: 2 200 mm
  • Length: 2 400 mm
  • Height: 2 200 mm
  • Weight: 800 kg


  • Liquid nitrogen consumption: 10 litres per session
  • Operates on: 220/230V, 50/60 Hz AC
  • Power consumption: 2.5 kW


The Space Cabin™ Horse cryosauna is a cryogenic machine designed to conduct cryotherapy sessions for horses thus inducing more rapid muscle tone recovery. The cryosauna is made of high-quality materials and designed in a way to ensure that a horse is not stressed during the session. You can choose between various interior colors and have your company logo displayed inside and outside the cryotherapy machine.

The Space Cabin™ horse cryosauna