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Over the years cryosaunas Space Cabin were featured in a number of videos. Learn more about the benefits of whole body therapy for health and wellness, as well as for recovery after exercise and for improved performance in athletes.

Space Cabin cryosauna in the Dr. Oz Show

 TV host Mehmet Oz tells what whole body cryotherapy is and how it works. Is it efficient for pain relief or is it just hype? Watch the video to see Dr. Oz’s take on [...]

Whole body cryotherapy benefits in The Doctors Show

Our cryosaunas were featured in The Doctors TV show. Watch E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork discuss the advantages of whole body cryotherapy over cold water treatment which is more stressful for body. While it is [...]

Benefits of cryotherapy sessions in a cryosauna

While whole body cryotherapy sessions taken by celebrities and star athletes are widely covered in media, knowing what a girl next door can tell about using cryosauna might sound even more convincing. Listen to people [...]

Basketball and Baseball players use our cryosauna

In this video a baseball player CJ Wilson talks about his experience taking cryotherapy sessions in a cryosauna and how exactly it helps him during the competitions. Whole body cryotherapy is a set of techniques [...]

Mark Murdoch on efficiency of cryosaunas

Mark Murdoch, a sports director of CryoUSA, tells us why cryotherapy equipment called cryosauna helps athletes heal better after injuries and recover after grueling workouts.

Phoenix Suns use the Space Cabin cryosauna

Professional basketball player Marcin Gortat talks about his experience using whole body cryotherapy and the reasons why he and his team have regular cryotherapy sessions in the Phoenix Suns’ training center.

Space Cabin cryosauna on Ukrainian TV

Ukraine’s 5th Channel filmed a program on our Space Cabin cryosaunas. Watch what session in a cryosauna is like and learn more about the benefits of whole body cryotherapy.