Cryotherapy as a business

Starting a cryotherapy business is a good investment into the industry which keeps growing year on year.

Our cryotherapy machines are classified as non-medical, they require no licensing.
To start with, it is enough to have a room, hire an operator to service customers and conduct sessions, and think of a promotion campaign.

Furthermore, no special insurance is needed; having comprehensive general liability policy will be enough.

It is important to find a local liquid nitrogen supplier, because the price of liquid nitrogen influences the cost of sessions.

See below the data to calculate your payback period (with 20 visitors per day).

With power consumption of 1.5 kW per hour and the cryosauna working 2 hours per day.

20 visitors x 3 minutes = 1 hour plus 60 minutes of drying, you can calculate the cost of electric power per day and per month.

Liquid nitrogen consumption per one 3-minute session makes 4 litres as an average.

Therefore, daily consumption of liquid nitrogen for 20 3-minute sessions makes 80 litres. Thus, you can calculate your monthly consumption.

Average cost of a session is 30 to 70 EUR, depending on the local price of liquid nitrogen.

Finally, if you want to have a cryosauna as a stand-alone business, rent costs will be added.

It is enough to have one room if a changing booth is installed in the room with a cryosauna. Don't forget to calculate the salary of an operator.

Due to our cryosaunas’ low liquid nitrogen and power consumption your session cost is low thus ensuring a rapid return on investments

At present cryotherapy devices are often featured in fitness centers, beauty salons, rehabilitation centers, hotels, spas, health resorts and so on

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