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Social media marketing for cryotherapy providers

Why SMM?

The answer to this question is plain and simple: the purpose of undertaking any marketing activity, including building your presence on Facebook and Instagram, is to generate leads.

Nowadays, it is safe to say most of your current or potential clients use social media. More often than not, these are Facebook or Instagram. A lot of people either start or finish their day browsing through the Facebook news feed. That is why social media have become a powerful tool for promoting products and services.
Of course, you should not neglect other online and offline marketing activities. However, our experience convincingly shows that Facebook and Instagram are most effective for local businesses to publish their sponsored social media posts.

How does it work?

• If you have just launched a new business, we will help you set up your social media accounts and increase your business’ visibility to connect with potential customers.
We will make eye-catching ads and launch cost-effective campaigns to nurture your business and find loyal clients at a minimal cost.
• If you already have social media profiles, we will focus your followers’ attention on the whole-body cryotherapy services you offer. Moreover, we will enlarge your audience and make it more responsive.
Your Facebook or Instagram page is a company blog where you share insights and helpful tips to connect and interact with your followers. Interesting and relevant content combined with catchy graphics grabs attention and prompts to share. Contests, sweepstakes and giveaways increase your followers’ engagement and attract new ones.
We can help discover what your audience and potential clients need. And we can then explain to them in simple terms how whole-body cryotherapy can cater to these needs.

Why us?

• We have been in the cryotherapy equipment market since 2002. We have profound knowledge and understanding of how cryotherapy works.
• Strategic marketing experience combined with modern scientific research on cryotherapy allows finding an approach to any person.
• Virtually any of your existing customers can benefit from whole-body cryotherapy sessions. We can help them discover how cryotherapy can help them.
• We know a lot about cryotherapy benefits, and we are positive about its efficiency. We are ready to share our confidence with your customers to help them become loyal cryotherapy fans.
• And at Space Cabin™, we are deeply invested in expanding the cryotherapy market and helping your business prosper.

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