Cryotherapy for beauty industry

Health and beauty

cryotherapy for beauty industry

For women of all ages, the desire to be beautiful is one of the most important needs inherent in nature itself. Beauty and health are inextricably linked, and mental health often depends on physical health. Whole body cryotherapy sessions fits perfectly into this concept.
This is an exceptional procedure that not only gives a healthy look, but also has a positive effect on health at the level of the body's biochemistry. Exposing the skin to extreme cold not only improves its appearance, but actually enhances microcirculation in the skin, literally rejuvenating its cells.
Cryosauna sessions reduce stress and anxiety, improve the objective and subjective quality of sleep. These factors are also extremely important for someone who wants to look perfect.
The activation of irisin production, which helps to control excess weight, is another undeniable benefit of whole body cryotherapy procedures.

Positive emotions, rest for body and soul, relaxation

For many of your guests, the salon is a place where you can combine business with pleasure, feel yourself in the center of care and attention, relax, unwind, discuss the latest news and novelties with the masters, find moral support, etc. A visit to a beauty center is often akin to a psychotherapeutic session. Removing stress and emotional stress that negatively affects your appearance is an important result that should not be forgotten. A cryosauna session will help you achieve this goal. It will increase the production of endorphins, cheer you up and help cope with depressive moods. The reason for this is that whole body cryotherapy affects hormonal levels by lowering the levels of hormones associated with psychophysical stress, such as cortisol.