Published May 15, 2023

Optimal Protocol for Whole Body Cryotherapy

Optimal Protocol for Whole Body Cryotherapy

Let's get back to the question of the optimal cryotherapy protocol.

Studies have shown that cryostimulation was not as effective for groups that received 5-7 treatments. Now you understand why we emphasize that whole body cryotherapy procedures must be carried out systematically for the best result! 2 or 3, 5 or 7 sessions will not bring miraculous improvement and your client may become frustrated with the method (although even one session relieves muscle pain and reduces inflammation).

Therefore, on a scientific basis, it is initially necessary to explain that maximum efficiency will be achieved when carrying out procedures in blocks of 15–20. (Note that in most cases it is more profitable for businesses to make an additional discount on a large number of procedures, and in return get a satisfied and loyal client.) A block of 15-20 procedures is not our whim, but the recommendations of researchers. This is how the biochemistry of our body works.

Whole body cryotherapy for athletes and sports enthusiasts is a kind of legal doping. As soon as its health benefits for athletes became known, virtually all major sports clubs around the world purchased cryosaunas and other cryotherapy equipment and provided their teams with constant access to this legal doping.

Today, cryotherapy and sports are inextricably linked. If your clients do not receive cryo treatments, they are depriving themselves of the many benefits that whole body cryotherapy brings.