Published Sep 26, 2023

Enhance Your Sleep Through Whole Body Cryotherapy

Enhance Your Sleep Through Whole Body Cryotherapy

Let's look at the amazing ability of regular whole-body cryotherapy procedures to objectively and subjectively improve sleep quality

It is widely known that quality sleep is just as important for athletes as training and nutrition regimens. In case of sleep deprivation, the effectiveness of the training preceding it can be significantly reduced.

Modern people often sacrifice sleep duration for the sake of what they consider to be more important matters. As a result, they get cognitive impairment, a weakened immune system, depression and depression. This is not to mention the increased risk of heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, asthma, arthritis and heart and vascular disease.

Scientists around the world are looking for ways to improve the quality of sleep for people, even those with insufficient sleep duration. To do this, they even use generators of sound impulses with a frequency that coincides with brain impulses in the “slow sleep” phase. Quality sleep is very important for athletes, since it is during sleep that their body recovers from stress. This is especially critical for professional athletes, as their busy training and competition schedules require ideal overnight recovery.

It is therefore not surprising that a study was conducted on a group of athletes demonstrating that a 3-minute whole body cryotherapy procedure significantly improves objective and subjective sleep quality. Even if total sleep duration was shorter, the scientists noted that the athletes had deeper and less restless sleep. It’s a fortunate coincidence that in terms of their biochemistry, ordinary people are in many ways similar to elite athletes.

Additionally, inflammatory markers were reduced and lower concentrations of muscle fiber damage markers were observed. And since whole body cryotherapy further improves sleep quality, it appears to be one of the ideal ways to recover from intense workouts. Therefore, with the widespread use of general cryotherapy, we often receive gratitude from people whose sleep has significantly improved!