Published Jun 26, 2023

Duration of cryotherapy and temperature in cryosauna

Duration of cryotherapy and temperature in cryosauna

An extremely important point in the protocol for the provision of cryotherapy services is the duration of procedures and the temperature in the cabin of the cryosauna

We have always recommended customers of our cryosaunas to maintain the following parameters of cryotherapy: duration 2.0-3.0 minutes at cabin temperature from -150°C to -170°C.

The same parameters are given in a recent study published in the Journal of Physical Medicine and based on an analysis of a large number of previous studies. A fairly large number of factors influence the course of the cryoprocedure and the patient’s sensations in the cryosauna. Among them are the temperature and humidity of the air in the room where the procedures are carried out (again, look at the manual for the cryosauna to refresh the numbers in your memory). The volume of adipose tissue in a patient affects how quickly and how deeply the subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue cool. It is important to carry out procedures in a sufficiently chilled cryosauna. 

The display of the cryosauna shows the temperature of the air-nitrogen mixture, which is fed into the cabin. After being fed into the cabin, the air-nitrogen mixture begins to actively take away heat both from the patient’s body and from the walls of the cabin (if the cryosauna is not pre-cooled), cooling them. Therefore, the temperature in the cabin when performing procedures on an uncooled cryosauna may be slightly higher (by 15–20%) than the temperature indicated on the display. To avoid such discrepancies and to carry out the procedure with the highest quality and efficiency, it is necessary either to pre-cool the cryosauna cabin (Pre-cooling procedure in the unit control menu), or to plan cryotherapy procedures one after another with an interval not exceeding 10–15 minutes between them.

This way you can save a lot of liquid nitrogen without having to pre-cool the cryosauna for each patient. The difference in prices for single and group cryotherapy procedures will help you find mutual understanding among your customers in this matter. Group tickets can indeed be 20-25% cheaper.