Published Mar 15, 2023

Cryotherapy for sports fans

Cryotherapy for sports fans

People who understand business quickly realized that cryotherapy would be useful not only for professional athletes, but also for ordinary sports fans.

Fortunately, prices for cryosaunas from various manufacturers have stabilized at reasonable levels, allowing for a return on investment within a year or faster. And then get a net profit from the sale of cryo services.

It is logical that one of the best places to provide general body cryotherapy services are fitness centers and sports health clubs. In other words, all those places where intensive training is practiced and significant physical activity occurs on a regular basis. But we already know that:

  • Whole body cryotherapy reduces muscle fatigue, pain and improves overall well-being after exercise.
  • Whole body cryotherapy influences the hormonal balance, reducing the levels of hormones associated with psychophysical stress, such as cortisol, and increasing testosterone levels.
  • Full body cryotherapy sessions after evening workouts significantly improve the objective and subjective quality of sleep.
  • Cryostimulation reduces inflammatory processes in tissues, which are caused by microtrauma of muscles and joints during training.

It’s quite simple: people who exercise while receiving cryostimulation procedures recover more efficiently after training, experience less discomfort from muscle pain, and their objective and subjective quality of sleep improves.

It is important to consider that in most studies cryostimulation (cryotherapy) of the whole body was carried out in the amount of 15-20 procedures, one or two procedures per day at a temperature in the cryosauna cabin of -130°C. The procedure protocol is quite important, therefore, for example, the Space Cabin trademark conducts mandatory training for the personnel of the cryosauna buyer with control questions and issuance of the certificate.