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TV shows: "The Dr. Oz Show", "The Doctors",
"5th floor" and in many others
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and business partners
Cryosaunas "Space Cabin" are installed and used by
many professional sport teams, such as: "Juventus" F.C.,
"PSG" F.C., "River Plate" F.C., "Maribor" F.C.,
"Dinamo Zagreb" F.C., "Udinese" F.C., "Lazio" F.C.,
"Roma" F.C., "Basel" F.C., "Dynamo Kyiv" F.C.,
"National assoсiation", "Phoenix Suns", "Zorya Luhansk" F.C.,
and "Dallas Mavericks"
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Do you want to buy cryosauna "Space Cabin" directly from the manufacturer?

Contact us and order your individual body-care equipment for body care. We are the only manufacturer of Cryosaunas "Space Cabin" in the World.

Dear visitors, "Criomed" ltd is looking for distributors in Canada, USA and other countries. Contact us and discuss cooperation terms.



We pay special attention to the issue of quality and so we use high quality components only. We would like to note that our equipment has successfully passed various tests and has the necessary certificates not only at home but also abroad, which enables us to deliver Cryosaunas "Space Cabin" all over the world.



Due to the design of the gas preparation device, performed with due account for high technologies, the use of liquid nitrogen during preparation of the low-temperature mixture is less than in the previous models. In addition to this, our equipment has manual and automatic control mode.

Ease of Management

Ease of Management

Managing our equipment is as easy as using a cell phone. Taking care of customers, we have developed a software with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage the procedure. We have models with touch screen and keypad control panel.

"Space Cabin" TM Products

Cryosauna Classic
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Cryosauna Classic - is the opposite of the conventional sauna, where dry air temperature ranges from -120°C to -170°C. Sensations during the procedure are more comfortable than during swimming in cold water, because the air, especially dry air is a poor conductor, and the procedure takes 1-3 minutes. Another particular feature...

Cryosauna Aurora
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Cryosauna Aurora is made of special fiberglass. It consists of a cabin, an upper box, a lower box and a superstructure. The work principle is: liquid nitrogen goes from the Dewar vessel which is located in the lower box directly to the special device – gas preparation device which is located in the upper box. Liquid nitrogen and air are...

Cryosauna IceCube
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Cryosauna IceCube is a special device for cryotherapy. Structurally this cryosauna remind a complex geometric figure, which is covered by special impact-resistant polystyrene (HIPS) from the outside and by lining that is made of special water-repellent fabric from the inside. For simple operation, this model is equipped with a touchscreen...

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About Us

"Space Cabin" - is a world famous brand, under which Cryosaunas – cryotherapeutic equipment for body care – is produced. 15 years of hard work and research have allowed us to introduce cryotherapy to people on all continents of the planet. You can find our offices around the world, in which you can ask questions on purchasing, maintenance and repair of equipment. We are proud of each user and purchaser of our cryosaunas, including not only ordinary people and businessmen, but also titled sportsmen, celebrities and famous clubs such as FC "Dynamo" Kyiv and FC "Zarya", FC "Juventus", FC "River Plate", FC "Paris Saint-Germain ", Cristiano Ronaldo and many others.

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