About Us

"Space Cabin" - is a world famous brand, under which Cryosaunas  - cryotherapeutic equipment for body care -  are produced.  Over 15 years of hard work, our company has developed from a small enterprise into a big manufacturing facility. We pay special attention to the quality, so in the production process we use not only a wealth experience but also high technologies - and these components help to achieve the maximum results.

Initially, our company promoted Cryosaunas exclusively in the domestic market, but due to the fact that cryotherapy  became more and more popular, we have continued the development and become able to establish itself in the international market. Today we have offices around the world, in which you can ask questions about purchasing, maintenance and repair of equipment.

Thanks to the diligent and purposeful work in this direction, the brand "Space Cabin" has become known worldwide.

The History of "Space Cabin" TM

Cryosauna Space Cabin, manufacturer Space Cabin

Cryosauna Space Cabin - 2003 

Cryosauna Standard-D, manufacturer Space Cabin

Cryosauna Standard-D - 2004

Hexagonal Cryosauna, manufacturer Space Cabin

Hexagonal Cryosauna - 2006

Cryosauna Luxe in bamboo, manufacturer Space Cabin

Cryosauna Luxe in bamboo - 2008

Cryosauna Premium, manufacturer Space Cabin

Cryosauna Premium - 2008

Cryosauna Luxe, manufacturer Space Cabin

Cryosauna Luxe - 2012

Cryosauna Standard,  manufacturer Space Cabin

Cryosauna Standard - 2012

Cryosauna Classic,  manufacturer Space Cabin

Cryosauna Classic - 2016

Cryosauna Aurora project,  manufacturer Space Cabin

Cryosauna Aurora Project - 2015

During past 15 years we have developed and produced more than 10 cryosauna ”SPACE CABIN” models. The differences were in design, construction, electronics, operating joints, raw materials. First models had operation panel on the right side of the unit and it was located too high for operator so we used to produce special steps for this purpose. This was increasing dimensions of the unit and it was pretty complicated to operate the machine. Due to these reasons we have moved operation joints inside the unit and installed operator panel on the left side at comfortable height for operator (see Standard model). This decision solved issues with operator work and helped us to decrease cryosauna dimensions and make the machine look better. Now we are using touchscreen control panel with intuitive interface which makes the work with our equipment as simple as possible for the operator. We pay special attention to the quality of exterior materials that we are using during manufacturing process. As you can see on the photos we were using composite, stainless steel, bamboo, special plywood etc. Currently we are using shockproof panels (HIPS) which are very safe and easy in use.

In recent models we are using upgraded lift mechanism which is much stable and stronger. Recent lift motors helped us not only solve the issue with lift platform stability but increase the speed of lift platform work and increase bearing capacity.         

We have upgraded gas preparation device to decrease liquid nitrogen consumption and currently our units have lowest liquid nitrogen consumption on the market.

We have upgraded joints which are located inside the patient cabin to provide steady cold treatment for the human body. The cabin design was changed as well.

Our units had different options like: remote control, colored led lights, speakers at the top and many others but we focusing on the quality of cryotherapy session which must be a common thing for all cryosaunas.