Here you can find answers to most frequently asked questions. If you have not found the answer you were looking for feel free to contact our sales manager by phone +380(66) 723-91-11 or email export@space-cabin.com

Cryotherapy Equipment

Our cryosaunas are easy to operate. However, first you should do a one-day training course followed by an exam. If the exam is passed successfully, you become a certified operator.

Certainly. You can opt for an online training course at any convenient time.

Our Space Cabin cryosaunas were installed in many countries. You can contact our sales department or our partners to find the location most convenient for you to visit.

No, our Space Cabin cryosaunas are classified as non-medical body-care equipment.

Contact our sales department and we will find the best option for you based on your requirements.

Our cryosaunas models differ in outer shell, design, and available features. However, the efficiency of cryotherapy sessions is the same with the same positive effects.

We are producing Dewar type cryosaunas where liquid nitrogen is fed from non-pressurized 40-liter Dewar tanks, and valve type cryosaunas with liquid nitrogen fed from pressurized tanks (100 litres and up).

Unfortunately not. When ordering a cryosauna our sales managers will help you to choose the best option based on the average number of sessions per day/week you expect to have.

Dewar-type cryosaunas have two 40-liter Dewar vessels included with purchase.  You can order more Dewars at extra charge. Our sales managers will help you decide whether you need additional vessels

Unfortunately not. In valve-type cryosaunas only a cryogenic valve and metallic pipes are included in purchase. A pressurized tank can be rented or purchased from a local liquid nitrogen supplier.

It depends on your order and our manufacturing schedule. Usually we are ready to ship your cryosauna in 20 days after you confirm the order.


Our cryosaunas’ HS Code (Product Code) is 8479 89 97 90. Based on the code your customs agent will tell you what taxes and fees you need to pay for importing a cryosauna.

Sure. You can subscribe to our Facebook page or check our website space-cabin.com  from time to time to see if there are discounts or events available.

Delivery, Maintenance and Repair

We can help you to ship your cryosauna to any country by any convenient option. Your cryosauna will be safely packed and quickly delivered to your location.

Contact us in any convenient way. Our technical staff will help to solve the issue through Wi-Fi or give advice on solving it depending on the information you provide. We are on stand-by 20 hours per day to serve our customers located in different time zones.

Liquid Nitrogen

Yes, liquid nitrogen is not toxic and not explosive. Most important is to follow safety rules during any operations with liquid nitrogen and store it in the right way to minimize liquid nitrogen loss.

Liquid nitrogen suppliers are available everywhere. You can either google liquid nitrogen suppliers closest to your location or contact our sales department and get their contacts.

This question should better be addressed to local suppliers. You can negotiate a better price from them considering your regular liquid nitrogen orders in the future.

Becoming a Distributor

We are open to discuss any cooperation that will help us to expand and promote whole-body cryotherapy. However, before contacting us make sure that we do not have any representative in your region by checking our partners list.


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