Dr. Oz takes a cryotherapy session in a cryosauna live

We all know that a cold can reduce pain, but what will happen if the human body is exposed to extremely low temperatures? Our Space Cabin cryosaunas are once again featured in the Dr. Oz Show. In order to demonstrate that a cryotherapy session is absolutely safe, Mr. Mehmet Oz will take it himself live and tell what it feels like.

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Space Cabin cryosauna in the Dr. Oz Show

TV host Mehmet Oz tells what whole body cryotherapy is and how it works. Is it efficient for pain relief or is it just hype? Watch the video to see Dr. Oz’s take on this. The video features our Space Cabin cryosauna.

Space Cabin cryosauna on Ukrainian TV

Ukraine’s 5th Channel filmed a program on our Space Cabin cryosaunas. Watch what session in a cryosauna is like and learn more about the benefits of whole body cryotherapy.