The Aurora cryosauna at the Paris Expo

CRYOJET has been our partner in France for several years. Watch a short video from an expo in Paris.

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Recent Videos

Phoenix Suns use the Space Cabin cryosauna

Professional basketball player Marcin Gortat talks about his experience using whole body cryotherapy and the reasons why he and his team have regular cryotherapy sessions in the Phoenix Suns’ training center.

Whole body cryotherapy benefits in The Doctors Show

Our cryosaunas were featured in The Doctors TV show. Watch E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork discuss the advantages of whole body cryotherapy over cold water treatment which is more stressful for body. While it is common knowledge that cold water treatment is beneficial for the immune system, blood circulation, performance and general well-being, whole body cryotherapy is known less though both are based on the same principles.