The Space Cabin Horse Cryosauna

Product Details

  • Category: Cryosauna
  • Date: April 26, 2017
  • Width: 2000 mm
  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Height: 1830 mm
  • The temperature in the cryosauna: from −110° to −160°С
  • The cost of liquid nitrogen for cooling: 15 kg
  • The cost of liquid nitrogen for the procedure: from 20 to 30 kg
  • Supply power: 220 ± 22V, 50 Hz
  • Power: 2,5 kW
  • Type: Valve
  • Weight: 1110 кg
  • The duration of the procedure: from 3 to 5 min

Product Description

Cryosauna Space Cabin Horse it is a special equipment that make possible to provide cryotherapy sessions for horses to stimulate most rapid recovery of muscle tone.  This Cryosauna is made of special high-quality materials and has special design to eliminate horse stress during the session.


  • Informative touchscreen control panel
  • Counter of sessions and other processes
  • Automatic and manual control mode
  • The best price-performance ratio
  • Delivery, assembly and maintenance in any part of the world
  • Only high-quality and harmless materials 

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