Rheumatoid arthritis and general cryotherapy

Rheumatoid arthritis and general cryotherapy

At the moment, it can be confidently asserted that sessions of general cryotherapy are a very effective proven tool in alleviating the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. The effect of therapy is confirmed by a number of documented clinical trials.

This disease is characterized by the fact that inflammatory and pathogenic processes and sensations are localized, in the first place, in the joints. The cause may be inflammation of the inner surface of the joint bag, damage and destruction of bone and cartilage structures.

The latest trends in the medical treatment of arthritis strongly refer to the use of the blockade, but the only correct solution will be only a comprehensive approach. This follows from the perception of rheumatoid arthritis, primarily, a systemic disease that affects the body as a whole. Thus, the complex of measures should include both medical and – if necessary - surgical factors, physical therapy, physiotherapy (cryotherapy and thermal therapy according to the indications) - these methods must be prioritized and agreed upon by the specialist on a case-by-case basis and on the choice of the necessary strategy.

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic progressive disease with the impossibility of complete healing, despite the ever increasing progress in the methods of therapy. Almost every one of us is at risk group, regardless of age. The disease can be triggered by both age-related natural changes and poor ecology, unbalanced nutrition, industrial, sports and domestic injuries, and lack of proper physical activity.

Considering all of the above, cryotherapy is a mandatory indication in a complex of other measures as a preventive complex or, in the presence of a disease, for the suspension of progression and a decrease in the intensity of the course of the disease.

Based on such a context, cryotherapy can be an additional physiotherapeutic mean, which, with the necessary regularity, is able to contribute quite successfully to the goals of the chosen treatment. We emphasize, in and of itself cryotherapy can in no way be a substitute for proven remedies and methods of withdrawal to the stage of remission, however, judging by the results of studies, it is possible, with proper application, to significantly reduce the dosage of medications.

General cryotherapy procedures must be performed at least twice a day, depending on the chosen by specialist set of measures, with a high intensity of inflammatory processes - three times. The duration of  procedures- two or three weeks, the evaluation of the dynamics of treatment should be done by a professional at least once every two days. According to the results of Dr. Bianchi Bankenstein's research, even after 10-15 procedures, even in cases of increased inflammatory activity of the disease, the symptoms were attenuated (the level of pain and restriction of mobility of the affected joint were taken according to the estimated parameters). Timing of relapses of the disease are reduced, inflammatory activity in disease outbreaks are reduced.

When taking cryotherapy sessions, one should not abandon physiotherapy sessions, physical activity and movement help a better distribution of the joint fluid, thus contributing to the better supply of articular cartilage with nutrients. In addition, movement in exercise therapy prevents possible muscle atrophy, which otherwise could lead to secondary damage to the bones and skeleton.

The results of studies in clinical, rehabilitation and sanatorium-improving spheres clearly demonstrate that when taking sessions of general cryotherapy, the overall well-being is improved, the pain is eased or completely coped with a decrease in the intensity of the course of the disease, the local symptoms of inflammation (e.g. edema and local increase in temperature) completely disappeared,  60% of patients had improvement in overall health and mobility of the joints, decrease of the dosage of drugs is seen in 40% of the total number of observed patients in groups.

The achieved effect lasts as long as six months after completing the full course of comprehensive treatment. With increasing duration of the course and regular application with a periodicity, established by a certain specialist, the effect of relieving the disease will persist even longer, the effect of increasing joint mobility persists for a long period, provided that one continues doing moderate physical exercise.

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