Pain in the spine and general cryotherapy in cryosauna

Pain in the spine and general cryotherapy in cryosauna

Quite extensive in symptomatology group of indications for sessions of general cryotherapy in cryosauna: back pain of different origin can excite absolutely any person during life and at any age. First of all, we are talking about pain in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

This is a very common complaint among patients, so that diseases with diagnoses of the "herniated disc," "lumbago (lumbar myalgia),"paralyzing sciatica syndrome" are well studied and examined, but this article is purely recommendatory and in no case can be perceived as a guideline to follow, replacing the qualified consultation with the specialist.

The symptomatology of "back pain" is common to a number of diseases caused mainly by the same cause: degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs and articulations. Of course, the muscles and ligaments located in a supporting manner in the affected spine can also be included in the overall picture of the disease - somatically and functionally. Inflammatory processes, therefore, are the original cause, then these processes proceed in parallel with degenerative changes in muscles and ligaments and - more widely, as well as in especially neglected cases - of the organism as a whole.

"Back pain" often tends to more or less constant chronization, leading to physical inactivity caused by an incorrect distribution of loads in the motor apparatus, as a result, the situation sometimes becomes complicated by reactive-depressive conditions.

Cryoexposure can be a very effective additional tool for standard methods of complex treatment in such diseases, in some cases it can be said about almost complete replacement of medicamental and other cryotherapy methods (these cases can be diagnosed only by a specialist, the treatment is selected strictly individually depending on the clinical characteristics of the disease), self-medication is categorically contraindicated and should be excluded.

Coping pain symptoms of inflammation, the subsequent reduction of painful muscle tension are the very first obvious advantages of general cryotherapy in the treatment of this group of diseases. Timely early diagnosis for the use of cryotherapy in combination with therapeutic manipulations can give a good guarantee of preventing the chronization of processes, in other words, we can talk about preventive blockade and the evident delay in the possible development of the disease - when it comes, for example, about the inevitable age-related changes in the motor apparatus.

With pain symptoms after surgical and other surgeries on the spine, the general cryotherapy demonstrates more than convincing results: up to 83% of patients from focal groups talk about improving overall health, increasing mobility and weakening or complete coping of pain syndromes. Even the spinal congestion syndrome cannot withstand the pronounced therapeutic effect of cryotherapy - a decrease in the muscle painful tension and a decrease in pain in the ligamentous apparatus of the pelvis was noted by 72% of patients.

Cryotherapy in cryosauna is demonstrated by a course of 15-20 procedures. The treatment of diseases of this group must necessarily be accompanied by moderate physical loads (to prevent muscle atrophy as a secondary aggravation of the clinical state of the patient), the type and mode of exercise is prescribed by a specialist after acquainting himself with the general condition of the patient immediately before the cryotherapy sessions, during and immediately after termination of the course. The effect of cryoexposure is prolonged, it lasts up to six months, after which, again based on the condition, it is possible to repeat the course to maintain and further consolidate the stage of remission (often the course is carried out in a lighter form).

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