Cryotherapy and normalization of metabolism
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  • Posted April 14, 2017

Cryotherapy and normalization of metabolism

Excess weight is found as often as the variety of reasons for its appearance. It can be hereditary phenomena, diseases of the organs of internal secretion, disorders of the digestive tract, hormonal changes. If you add here a habitual sedentary lifestyle, a predilection for unhealthy food and sweet drinks and a bad ecology, then congenital or acquired diseases of the organism will seem quite difficult to cure.

Proceeding from this, it may seem that it is very difficult to solve the problem of excess weight. However, numerous studies show that treatment should necessarily be comprehensive and include: reasonable restriction in nutrition, the change-over to more healthy foods, increased physical activity and physical therapy. None of the methods in itself will produce a sustainable result, despite the widespread proposals of miracle diets or drugs, some of which may cause real harm.

Cryotherapy, of course, also can not be a panacea in combating excess weight. During the procedure in cryosauna, no such large amount of calories is burned, but it is difficult to overestimate the obvious benefit of cold treatment in complex weight loss.

During the cryotherapy session, the brain is instructed to warm the chilled surface of the body as soon as possible, as a result, blood circulation in the skin and in the internal organs increases, even in those that have not been directly cooled. This leads to an increase in the skin turgor, leveling and smoothing its surface. In addition, cryosauna patients often note the lymph drainage effect of the procedure, referring to the reduction or disappearance of edema. In addition, cold treatment allows the immune system to go into a healthier regime, sleep improves, normal psycho-emotional settings are restored. All this allows a person to lead a healthier lifestyle, actively continue to play sports (or cause a desire to finally start attending a fitness studio).

Of course, all together - including, of course, a balanced diet, will slowly, but relentlessly get rid of excess weight without the risk of gaining the discarded kilograms again and, more importantly, without causing any harm to the body.

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