Cryosauna and accelerated recovery of athletes

Cryosauna and accelerated recovery of athletes

Sport - is life. It is difficult not to agree with this statement, because almost any physical activity provides a good mood, muscle elasticity, loss of excess weight, excellent well-being and, as a consequence (it is also the cause and the actual goal) - health.

It has long been known that after a workout it is very good to visit a banya or a sauna to relieve fatigue: a massage with a broom in a hot steam room perfectly excels the lactic acid from the muscles and gently warms them, contributing to softening and relaxation. But, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, cryotherapy, that is, treatment with cold, can often be not worse, and sometimes even more effective than warming up the body after increased physical exertion.

The mechanism of action is very simple and understandable. Rapid cooling of the skin with dry vapors of liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperatures causes vasoconstriction, due to which the blood supply of deep tissues and organs increases and improves. Then there is a reverse heating of the upper layer of the skin with a logical improvement in blood flow. Microfractures of muscle fibers, small stretches, bruises, and just fatigue after intensive workout - all these are indications for cryotherapy in cryosauna. A pleasant bonus will also be a rise in skin turgor, improvement of complexion, a noticeable decrease in cellulite on problem areas. In other words, all those possible health and appearance problems that can and should be solved in the gym will be resolved much more quickly and efficiently, if to visit the cryosauna immediately after the training.

It's quite another matter - top-class sports. This is an exhausting race and drudgery, where not only health, but sometimes the life of an athlete, is at stake when it comes to extreme sports.

Professional athletes almost daily receive a variety of injuries, ranging from simple bruises (simply hematomas) to serious damage to muscles, ligaments and joints. Cold treatment is very effective here.

Painful stretching of the muscles and ligaments, chronic subluxation of the joints (as, for example, in tennis players), recovery after fractures of bones, injuries of the tendons - the list can be continued for a long time - cryotherapy, of course, will not heal the athlete at once, but will definitely facilitate and accelerate the recovery even after the most serious injuries, help relieve physical and emotional stress and restore the tone of the whole body.

Already now, many famous football players, runners, gymnasts and tennis players have made visiting the cryosauna an indispensable point for completing intensive workout, and some big sports stars even include cryotherapy in cryosauna in their rider, such as the Olympic champion Elena Isinbayeva or the famous football player David Beckham.

The river without movement becomes a swamp, and a man without sport instantly "overgrows" with sores and excess weight. Treatment with cold, along with common sense, protects health and well-being for everyone who wants to solve health problems with the help of fitness. And for professional athletes, cryosauna will be an indispensable assistant if you need a quick and safe recovery after intensive workouts or competition.

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