Cryosauna and psoriasis

Cryosauna and psoriasis

Anyone who has at least once suffered from psoriasis, knows very well how difficult it is to cure a sloughing grayish rash that can be localized to almost any part of the body.

The causes of psoriasis have not been studied out , however, now two hypotheses that reveal the nature and course of the disease are considered to be operational (and, therefore, helping treatment). The first says about the primary skin disease, as a result of which epidermal cells begin to be redundantly and uncontrollably divide, which leads to sloughing and the appearance of papules. With this approach, it is customary to treat with drugs that restore the normal function of the epidermis.

The second possible hypothesis indicates the autoimmune nature of the origin of the disease, referring to the secondariness  of manifestations on the skin and suggesting to slow down or completely stop the process of increased division of epidermal cells by stimulating immunity.

In the middle of the 20s of the last century, Omsk doctors E. G. Loresh and G. A. Shusterov used a gas mixture cooled to -180 degrees for the treatment of psoriasis manifestations, using earlier developments of German colleagues, but the most complete development of this medical technology was received in Kharkov. The method of treatment of psoriasis with cold developed by I.S Chernyshev includes three stages: primary treatment up to complete disappearance of peeling, retention of the effect achieved by the therapy and relief of possible relapses, and, finally, achievement of a more or less pronounced remission.

Thus, cold treatment - cryotherapy – along with any of the medical methods allows you to begin to eliminate this unpleasant problem in a complex way, affecting the entire body at once - of course, it can only be a systemic and comprehensive approach that includes pharmacological preparations. Complete healing cannot be guaranteed by any method - medical or physiotherapeutic, they can be considered only as a set of measures. But the high effectiveness of cryosauna as one of the important components of treatment and the withdrawal to the stage of remission even in very neglected cases of psoriasis have long been proven and confirmed by thousands of grateful patients, especially compared to those who tried to cure psoriasis without cryotherapy procedures.

The immune and endocrine systems are intensively stimulated in by cryotherapy, effectively blocking any painful sensations with a duration of up to several hours. In addition, the blood is saturated with endorphins, and the effect of cold treatment extends to the entire body, including even those organs that have not experienced immediate low-temperature exposure. It should be borne in mind that the intensity and duration of this effect directly depend on the area, on which the patient's skin contacts with the vapor of liquid nitrogen.

Ultra-low temperatures in the cryosauna, in the first place, include the mechanism of "restarting" the immune system, so that the brain immediately "revises" the internal organs and directs forces to restore the damaged area. In cases of help in curing psoriasis, this is a key point to which you need to pay close attention: whatever the nature of psoriasis, autoimmune disorders need to be stabilized, so it is important to restart immunity, which will help to normalize the excess division of skin cells, resulting in decreased sloughing  and flaky rashes.

Doctors physiotherapists insist on a series of procedures, saying that one needs from 10 to 20 visits to cryosauna (depending on the severity of psoriasis and the general condition of the patient's body). The first procedure, as a rule, begins with a half-minute session at a temperature of about -140 degrees, and each subsequent visit to the cryosauna increases in time with a gradual decrease in temperature. This approach to the treatment of psoriasis allows you to quickly get rid of unpleasant and unaesthetic scaly rashes or reduce them to the possible minimum, which allows a person to regain a healthy sleep and a good mood, to strengthen well-being and raise immunity.

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